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PodCage: A Nicolas Cage Podcast

Nicolas Cage Podcast
Dec 2016
Episode 23 - Trapped in Paradise - Christmas Special
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We wish you a Merry Cagemas, We wish you a Merry Cagemas, We wish you a Merry Cagemas, and a Happy Nic Year!


Welcome to the second episode of the Longest-Shortest-Day-Trilogy and our Christmas special. Our relentless podcasting over the last two weeks means we've made it time for Nicolas Cage's first (and only?) Christmas film, Trapped in Paradise (a film that the cast hated almost as much as we did, referring to it as "Trapped in Bullshit" whilst filming).


Despite the film being a festival of misery, spirits are kept high with the aid of prosecco and Nic Cage-themed gifts.


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