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PodCage: A Nicolas Cage Podcast

Nicolas Cage Podcast
Dec 2016
Episode 19 - Deadfall - Interview with Alex McCown-Levy - The A.V. Club
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Deadfall (and this episode of PodCage) is, first and formost, about a man called Sausage and man called Fat Seinfeld. What makes these men tick? What is their relationship? And how does Nicolas Cage factor into the whole situation?


For answers to these questions and access to all your favourite regular features (including the return of the new segment True Colours), open this audio file and feast on the wholesome delights within.


We also speak to Alex McCown-Levy of The A.V. Club, who wrote an article entitled "Honoring the craziest Nicolas Cage performance almost no one's seen" about this very film, Deadfall.


(Fun Fact: This episode has the more hyphens in the title than any sentence in recorded history!)


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