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PodCage: A Nicolas Cage Podcast

Nicolas Cage Podcast
Nov 2016
Episode 16 - Zandalee
Posted in Uncategorized by podcage at 12:26 pm

This erotic thriller has everything you could want from a motion picture - dodgy facial hair, Judge Reinhold, sex, Judge Reinhold with dodgy facial hair, a young Steve Buscemi, Nicolas Cage doing magic, leather trousers briefly, a speedboat and Judge Reinhold and Nic Cage passive aggressive dancing together.

Lots to chew through this week like the question of whether the aspect ratio was altered to hide famous wang and how can someone drown when they can swim?

We also talk about the Bristol Post article we featured in back in August without knowing about it and there is finally a Nic Cage News jingle but it's not what you were thinking...


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